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Turning Your Bath Into A Romantic Experience For Two

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Turning Your Bath Into A Romantic Experience For TwoWhether it is Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, a birthday or just something you want to surprise them with, the bath can really add some romance to your relationship. No matter whether you have been married for years or have only been together for a few months, it is always important to keep up with the romance to keep your relationship going strong and reminding each other that you love and care for them. Here are just a few ideas to surprise with something romantic this year.

You Are Invited

Send your partner a bottle of champagne or some flowered with a fancy invitation that says something along the lines of “You are cordially invited to a candlelit bubble bath in your honor”. Then you fill the tub with bubbles, set several candles around the tub area, and maybe even put on some romantic music. Leave the invitation where they will be able to see it right when they walk in the door and be waiting for them in the bathroom with your sexiest outfit, and a couple of champagne glasses if you went with the champagne. You can either bathe your lover or get in and bathe each other for a very special and romantic evening.

Message In A Bottle

The next time you prepare a bath for your partner, place a message in a bottle in the water. This is best used with a bubble bath and possibly a bath bomb so that the bottle isn’t immediately noticeable. Within this bottle, have a note rolled up and insert it into a bottle that can be easily sealed tight. This makes for a wonderful surprise and can be especially romantic as long as you know how to write something sweet. If you aren’t sure what to write a simple “I love you” rarely fails or even writing down a classic love poem can really up the romance.

Create The Ultimate Bath Together

Romance doesn’t always have to be a surprise. Planning a bath time experience for the both of you can actually be a lot of fun and can ensure both of you will enjoy it. Make sure to plan for a time when you won’t get interrupted. You can even lead up to it with a lovely dinner or movie date first. You can even shop for it a week or so before and look for essential oils, bath salts, bath bombs, or bath candles that will add something extra for both of you. Preparing together may not sound romantic, but it can really improve your relationship to use this as a time to communicate and put energy and time into the romance.

Make It A Tradition

However, you don’t necessarily need to turn it into a special event to make bath time a romantic experience. If you know that your partner loves baths, you can make sure to have one prepared right when they get home every night or just on those really tough days when the children have them completely worn out. Even small efforts like this are very sweet and allows your partner to feel supported and loved on a regular basis rather than just on special occasions.


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