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What You Should Know About Facial Masks

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What You Should Know About Facial MasksAfter a long hard day, it is wonderful to come home to a nice and relaxing bath. However, not just any kind of bath will due. You should create the wonderful spa like experience you deserve! With essential oils, bath salts, bath pillows, and more, it has never been easier to give yourself a wonderful and relaxing experience at the convenience of your own home. Nothing truly adds to your bathing experience like a wonderfully hydrating facial mask.

Here are just a few of the things you should know about facial masks:

Figure out which mask you need – Face masks come in a large variety and forms, all of which can cater to several different types of skin. If you are not sure which facial mask is right for your needs, try visiting your local skin esthetician for a skin assessment.

Steam is crucial – Steaming your face beforehand will allow you to open up your pores and soften the debris within your pores, making it easier to rid yourself of dirt and oil left on your skin. This is why bath time is a perfect time to use your facial mask since it allows the whole room to steam up.

Don’t forget your neck – Your neck is just as important as your face, so do not neglect your neck when applying your facial mask. By tightening up and cleansing the skin on your neck, it will improve the quality of your neck skin and help you appear youthful as a whole.

All skin is different – When you are adding your facial mask to your weekly skin regimen, it is okay to only use it once or twice a week. If your skin is on the oily side in summer or very dry in winter, it is recommended that you use your facial mask more frequently.

Don’t wait for the clay to dry – If you are using a clay mask, you should not wait for it to dry to remove it from your skin. Waiting for the mask to get dry and flaky, the mask may actually begin to draw moisture from your skin and cause irritation.

Avoid over moisturizing – If you end up leaving the face mask on for too long, your first instinct may be to lather up on the moisturizer, but don’t! On freshly clean skin, too much moisturizer may end up suffocating your pores. You only need to put on a light amount.

Patch test – Do you have very sensitive skin? Try out the mask before applying to the face by doing a small patch test first. This way you can know whether your skin will end up reacting negatively to the mask beforehand.


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