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The Top 8 Best Essential Oils For Acne

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The Top 8 Best Essential Oils For AcneWe always figure that pimples are something that only teenagers have to deal with. No one tells you that you might still have them as an adult too. Never fear! As frustrating as these zits may make you, there are plenty of ways to naturally get rid of them including essential oils. In addition, the natural oils can provide you with other benefits as well to help make your skin look more radiant and fresh.

1) Tea Tree Oil

Most consider this the number one oil for treating acne because it fights off the bacteria that causes acne. It also is great for reducing inflammation and redness.

2) Lavender Oil

This essential oil is most known for its relaxing and de-stressing properties, but it also contains anti-bacterial properties and is gentle enough to be used on the skin when diluted. This oil is also good for mature skin as it helps with skin cell regeneration.

3) Frankincense Oil

This oil is great for acne prone skin and it acts as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Known as a healing and restorative oil, this also acts as a natural toner and tightens skin to reduce wrinkles and scars.

4) Lemon Oil

Lemon essential oil is great for oily complexions and for those looking to shrink their pores. That aside, it is also a brightening oil and helps fade red marks and dark spots.

5) Geranium Oil

This is a wonderful all in one oil that helps with various skin conditions and even tones the skin. This essential oil is able to regulate oil production which helps to prevent acne breakout. Additionally, it promotes skin’s elasticity and improves the circulation. That aside, the citrusy smell is energizing and helps wake you up in the morning.

6) Patchouli Oil

This essential oil has antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal properties which is great for skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. That aside, patchouli oil is wonderful for toning the skin and smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines.

7) Oregano Oil

This aromatic spice is a great anti-acne oil! It’s antibacterial and antiseptic properties allows great potential for removing the unwanted zits from your face.

8) Rosemary Oil

Not only is this a great herb, but it is also a wonderful oil for revitalizing your skin and making it glow. It reduces excess oil production, prevents inflammation, and calms redness. Additionally, it improves circulation and returns your skin to its youthful appearance.


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