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The Top 5 Most Underrated Essential Oils

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The Top 5 Most Underrated Essential OilsIf you use essential oils, you can probably find Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint among them. These oils are popular and for good reasons, but there are some essential oils that just don’t get the attention they deserve. Here are just a few of the most underrated essential oils that you don’t want missing from your collection.

1) Birch

Birch oil is distilled from the bark of the sweet birch tree. Due to its high concentration of methyl salicylate, birch essential oil has several of the same properties as wintergreen oil including a sweet and mild minty scent.

Topically, birch oil may also be used as a warming agent or in order to cool feverish skin. Much like with peppermint and eucalyptus, birch essential oil is a natural pain reliever, but is much more gentle and ideal for those with sensitive skin. This along with its mild fragrance can offer a less overwhelming experience than much more potent mint oils.

2) Cardamom

Much like the spice, cardamom essential oil comes from the seeds of the tropical perennial. It is well-known for its unique flavor and potent health benefits. Cardamom oil enhances memory and concentration making it great during study night. Not only that, but it is also known to reduce stress and anxiety without making you feel sleepy in the process. Are you prone to nausea or indigestion? Cardamom isn’t just calming to the mind, but also to the digestive tract as well.

The Essential Oils that just don't get attention

3) Clove

Clove essential oil is distilled from the aromatic flower buds of a tree from the Myrtle family, much like eucalyptus. Much like cardamom, dried cloves are much more commonly used than the essential oil. However, this case the oil is actually a lot more useful than the spice itself. The topical application of diluted clove oil is an effective treatment for aches and pains including as a natural treatment for a toothache.

4) Frankincense

Frankincense resin is well-known for being used for thousands of years, however the essential oil is surprisingly not. With its impressive checklist of healing benefits including the ability to reduce inflammation, soothe pain and itching, cleanse skin and speed the healing of wounds, and relax tense muscles, this essential oil is a must have for your collection.

Frankincense essential oil also has mental benefits including to reduce stress and anxiety, elevate and balance mood, encourage better sleep, open blocked airways and stimulate your immune system. Due to its fresh and earthly scent, this aroma isn’t too overwhelming and goes great with other scents.

5) Ginger

Ginger essential oil is distilled from the herb by the same name. This oil has a mild, but sweet and earthly scent that doesn’t make it too overwhelming for the user and goes great with a range of scents. This essential oil also has some powerful health benefits including that its tropical use can aid digestion, nausea, and a natural remedy for reducing morning sickness. That aside, this scent is wonderful for offering a warming, mood boosting, and energizing experience.

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