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8 Ways To Refresh Your Morning Routine

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Not a morning person? Don't despair! Even for night owls, there are ways to make mornings more enjoyable and set yourself up for a successful day.

Psychologists tell us a morning routine can boost productivity and mood, making it a fresh start for each day. Ready to refresh your mornings? Here are 8 ideas to get you started:

1. Hydrate

We lose a significant amount of hydration throughout the night, which means you often start your day dehydrated. To kickstart your morning routine effectively, prioritize good old-fashioned hydration.

A great idea is to have a glass or water bottle ready by your bedside. For an added boost, consider adding a squeeze of lemon to your cold water. Adequate hydration will leave you feeling more awake and energized to tackle your day.

2. Eat A Healthy Breakfast

Reaching for a sugary cereal or breakfast bar might seem convenient, but it's not always the best choice for your body. A balanced breakfast packed with whole grains, fresh fruit, and a healthy protein source will provide sustained energy and help you avoid that dreaded midday slump.

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3. Steer Clear Of Electronics

Instead of reaching for your phone first thing, give yourself a stress-free buffer of 20-30 minutes. Scrolling through emails and social media right after waking up can set a negative tone for your day.

After all, your morning sets the foundation for everything that follows. Avoid carrying that initial stress forward – a tech-free start can make a big difference.

4. Make Time For A Foot Soak

Start your day feeling centered and ready to take on anything. Imagine unwinding with a warm foot soak as you sip your morning coffee or tea. Our Detox Foot Soak at Better Bath Better Body lets you ease into the day, gently restoring balance.

This luxurious blend features premium epsom salt, fractionated MCT coconut oil, and pure essential oils. Invigorating lemon, cooling peppermint, calming frankincense, and soothing lavender create a delightful aroma.

We've also added a touch of vitamin C crystals and vitamin E oil for an extra pampering experience.  For those facing a long day on their feet, this soak provides a welcome and rejuvenating pre-work ritual.

5. Write Out Your Daily Schedule

Dedicating a few minutes in the morning to write your daily schedule can jumpstart your entire day. It helps you prioritize tasks and visualize how everything fits together.

By mapping things out early, you tackle the day with a clear plan, keeping your motivation high.

6. Practice Meditation

Don't worry if you think meditation requires a long, drawn-out session. Even dedicating 5 to 10 minutes of mindfulness in the morning can significantly benefit you. This short practice can help center you and establish a sense of balance as you embark on your day.

Imagine yourself soaking your feet in a warm, relaxing foot bath. Seize this opportunity to close your eyes, quiet your mind, and simply observe the thoughts and feelings that arise within you.

7. Get Some Fresh Air

There's a touch of magic in starting your day with a breath of fresh air. As the world wakes up, you can soak in the symphony of birdsong and leaves rustling in the breeze.

Whether you take the dog for a walk or simply enjoy your morning hydration in the backyard, this simple act can invigorate your mind, body, and soul, setting you up for a fresh start.

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8. Take An Aromatherapy Shower

Transform your routine shower into a spa-like experience with shower tablets. Simply drop one or two tablets on the shower floor and let the warm water work its magic.

The tablets dissolve, releasing fragrant aromas into the steam, creating a soothing aromatherapy experience. Safe for drains and plumbing, all you have left to do is breathe deeply and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

Choosing The Perfect Shower Tablet

Spruce up your morning ritual with our invigorating shower tablets! Packed with natural essential oils, these handy tablets come in a range of delightful blends, each designed to create a truly balanced and authentic aromatherapy experience.

Here are some perfect picks to jumpstart your day with a thoughtful, refreshing, and motivating boost:

  • Awaken Shower Tablets – Invigorate your senses with our Awaken Shower Tablets. A burst of citrusy goodness awaits, thanks to natural orange and tangerine essential oils.

    Their sweet and tangy aroma awakens and energizes while calming lemongrass and invigorating menthol create a perfect balance. The result? An experience that's cooling, comforting, and zesty all at once.

  • Relieve Shower Tablets – Invigorate your mornings with our Relieve Shower Tablets. Unlike calming lavender and chamomile, this features a stimulating blend of eucalyptus essential oil and menthol.

    This powerful combination creates a refreshing and invigorating aroma that will help you feel clearheaded and energized, perfect for tackling a busy day.  The added vitamin E oil helps nourish your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed both physically and mentally.
  • Arctic Mint Shower Tablets – Revitalize your senses and awaken your mind with our Arctic Mint Shower Tablets. Packed with the invigorating aroma of pure peppermint and spearmint essential oils, these tablets deliver a burst of freshness that's perfect for jumpstarting your day.

Step out of your spa-like aromatherapy shower and begin your day feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to conquer anything. No cleanup, no rinsing, and nothing to put away – just you and a confident mindset.


So ditch the snooze button and embrace mornings! With a few tweaks to your routine, you can turn those early hours into a time for self-care, productivity planning, and setting yourself up for a successful day.

After all, a little morning TLC goes a long way! Elevate your morning routine and order shower tablets here today.

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