Epsom Salt Bath Soak after Running or Working Out

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better bath better body epsom salts

A typical session at the gym lasts between 45 and 60 minutes for the average person. For runners, your time may vary. Running 15 to 20 miles per week is recommended. Some may run up to 40 miles per week as endurance increases. When our bodies give so much to us, why not take a little time to give back to them? When we take the time to soothe, relax, and pamper the body, the body can bounce back even better next time. If you take care of your body, then you will always be at your best. 

After your time at the gym or taking a run, you should create a post-gym ritual to take care of yourself and provide a feel-good wind down period. 

How A Post Gym Soak Helps 

better bath body epsom salts

One of the best ways to soothe and comfort your body is a post-gym soak. While a post-gym shower is the most common way to cool down, there’s a few benefits to taking a bath instead. While you’re soaking you’re able to give your muscles some rest and time to recuperate, you can sit back and relax as you wind yourself down, and you can take this time to think back on your gym or run session to determine just how you can go even further next time. After your soak, you can always rinse off and go about your shower routine, but this time with a clear mind and a relaxed body. 

There are a number of soaks that work particularly well after a good run or gym session. These include: 

  • Lilliuma Muscle Soak Bath Salt – Lilliuma’s Muscle Soak Bath Salt by Better Bath Better Body contains Mediterranean Sea salt and 100% pure essential oils. This particular blend is infused with peppermint essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, and frankincense essential oil. It creates a great soak with soothing aromatherapy that athletes can appreciate. If you like to cool down and refresh after running or working out, you must try the Lilliuma Muscle Salt.

  • better bath better body epsom salts
    Lilliuma Relaxify Bath Salt
    – A lot of workers who stay in the office 9-5 enjoy going to the gym after work. This means that they’ll come home tired, just about ready for bed. Lilliuma’s Relaxify Bath Salt is the perfect bath soak for pre-bedtime rituals. Enjoy a quiet yet luxurious winding down ritual with our Relaxify Salt to get a good night’s rest. This blend contains Mediterranean Sea salt, 100% pure lavender essential oil, 100% pure chamomile essential oil, and 100% pure geranium essential oil.

  • Runner’s Bath Soak – The best bath soak for runners is one that was made specifically with runners in mind. Better Bath Better Body Runner’s Bath Soak is formulated to create a relaxing soak for runners. It contains USP Grade epsom salt and 100% pure essential oils from peppermint, frankincense, lemon, tea tree, and lemongrass. This blend of essential oils creates a comforting aroma that lets your whole body know you’re grateful for its hard work. 

How To Soak After A Run Or Gym Session 

There are plenty of ways you can enhance your bath experience in your own home spa. Lighting a few candles around the bath, putting on some soft and soothing music, and getting your bath ready ahead of time can all work to create this experience. 

Have a soft towel next to the tub for after your bath. Keep your comfort items within reach. Bring with you a bottle or glass of water to set near the tub to keep yourself well hydrated. Some bath lovers like enjoying their soak with their favorite wine.

If you’re taking a full-body soak, fill the tub with warm water. You don’t want to make the water too hot as it can cause discomfort. Once your tub is full, add about ½ to 1 full cup of your favorite Better Bath Better Body soak. The salts will  dissolve quickly, so just make sure the water is comfortably warm before getting in the tub. Soak for 15-20 minutes and relax.

better bath better body epsom salts

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