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How Much Epsom Salt For Sitz Soaks

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How much epsom salt for bath? It's a question we hear a lot from curious readers. While the recommended amount is usually printed on our packaging, some folks want to know before they buy.

This quick guide will help you figure out the perfect amount for your soak.

Epsom Salt Sitz Soak: How Much Salt Do You Need?

For sitz or hip baths, begin with 1 tablespoon of epsom salt per gallon (4.5 liters) of warm water. You can then gradually increase the concentration up to 2 tablespoons per gallon for a stronger soak. In a full-size bathtub, use about ½ cup to 1 full cup of epsom salt for your bath.

Craving some soothing comfort? Sitz baths are known for their ability to melt away tension, and that's exactly why our Sitz Bath Soak at Better Bath Better Body is a consistent top seller. No matter if you prefer a portable basin or your own bathtub, we've got you covered for the perfect soak.

epsom salt bath soaks

Sitz baths require a different amount of soak compared to a full-body bath. A good rule of thumb is to add 1 to 2 tablespoons of your preferred sitz bath soak per gallon of warm water.

If you're new to sitz baths, you might wonder how much epsom salt to use. It's generally advisable to start slow and gradually increase the amount. Begin with 1 tablespoon per gallon of water for your first few soaks, then adjust to 2 tablespoons if needed.

Strike a balance with your epsom salt sitz bath temperature: warm enough to soothe, but not so hot it stings. Test the water like you would for a baby's bath – on your wrist or inner forearm.

Need to cool it down quickly? A few ice cubes will do the trick, letting you enjoy your soak sooner. The epsom salts should dissolve readily in warm water, so you can hop in and find relief fast.

Craving a soothing sitz bath? At Better Bath Better Body, we have different sitz bath salt variants to match your mood.

Our Sitz Bath Soak with juniper and niaouli offers a refreshing and invigorating experience, thanks to its blend of all-natural essential oils like juniper, niaouli, lavender, geranium, and frankincense.

Prefer a touch of comfort? Our Lilliuma Sitz Bath Salt uses calming chamomile, lavender, and frankincense to create a tranquil atmosphere.

Traditional Baths

Unwind with a classic bath soak! It's a fantastic way to experience the benefits of epsom salts infused with natural essential oils. Fill your full-size tub with comfortably warm water.

Remember, like drawing a sitz bath, it's always wise to test the temperature first. Use your inner arm or wrist – this ensures the water feels pleasant even for sensitive areas.

Traditional baths offer a variety of options to create the perfect mood. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or ease into a restful sleep, there's a soak for you.

For example, our Deep Relaxation Bath Soak is ideal for pre-bedtime pampering or de-stressing after work.

Foot Soak

foot soaks at home foot spa

Foot soaks offer a similar pampering experience to sitz baths but are designed for our trusty feet. After all, our feet work tirelessly throughout the day, even in seemingly sedentary jobs.

From walking and driving to simply shifting our weight, they are constantly in motion. A soothing foot soak is a wonderful way to show these hardworking appendages some love and relaxation.

Foot soaks are a relaxing self-care option, enjoyed with a basin or even your bathtub. To create your perfect foot bath, add about 1 to 2 tablespoons of epsom salt per gallon of warm water.

Testing the temperature is simple: just dip a toe in! Aim for a warmth that feels comfortable for you throughout the soak.

Similar to sitz baths, foot soaks are most beneficial when enjoyed for 15 to 20 minutes. This allows ample time for the warm water, epsom salt, and any added aromatherapy to work their magic.

Epsom Salt Bath For Dogs

Forget pampering just yourself –– your furry BFF can reap the rewards of a relaxing epsom salt soak too! But hold on, pooch parents. When it comes to epsom salts for dogs, make sure you choose a soak formulated specifically for canine companions.

These use dog-safe ingredients to maximize the benefits of aromatherapy. Imagine the blissful doggy zen with a balanced, natural soaking experience, all thanks to essential oils derived from plants safe for your pup to encounter.

Ready to pamper your pup? Once you've chosen a dog-friendly epsom salt, creating the bath is a breeze. Think of it like a relaxing sitz bath or foot soak for you.

Start simple: add 1 tablespoon of epsom salt per gallon of warm water. You can always increase to 2 tablespoons later depending on your dog's reaction.

Most dogs adore a soothing epsom salt soak. Gently pour the warm, fragrant water over your furry friend, letting them soak up the relaxation and comfort. It's a perfect opportunity to bond with your pup during this pampering session.

After your pup's enjoyed their epsom salt soak, give them a good rinse with clean water. This removes any leftover salt clinging to their fur.

While epsom salt baths offer fantastic benefits for dogs, it's important to prevent them from ingesting the salts during or after the bath, including while grooming themselves.


Discover the relief and relaxation of a tailored soak! We at Better Bath Better Body offer a variety of epsom salt blends for every need, from invigorating sitz bath soaks to calming foot soaks and epsom salt for dog baths.

Click here to find the perfect soak and place an order today.

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