Are Bath Soaks OK While You’re Pregnant?

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A good bath soak can help relieve stress and soothe your tired muscles. That is why many choose to do it after a long and taxing day.

But if you are pregnant, you may have heard that a bath is not something you can do. Many believe that is harmful. So, can you enjoy a good bath soak while you’re pregnant? 

The Truth about Bathing during Pregnancy

Pregnancy does not mean you have to say goodbye to a soothing soak. That is a common misconception. Baths should be safe even during pregnancy. However, you have to make sure you do it right.

Above All Else, Consult Your Doctor

The single most important thing you can do is consult with your physician about taking baths during and even after your pregnancy.  Full disclaimer: we are not giving medical advice here -- that's up to your doctor to provide.  Also, every pregnancy is unique & different, so take the time to speak with your doctor about your specific situation.

That being said, here are some general guidelines you may find helpful...

If You’re Pregnant, Skip Hot Baths

For your safety, it is best to avoid using hot water if you want to bathe. Make sure your bath water is fairly warm or just moderately warm. Aside from leading to hyperthermia or an increase in body temperature, hot baths may cause dizziness or worse, fainting.

Immersing a pregnant woman’s body in hot water can reduce their blood flow, which can cause problems. So, use warm water instead. It would also be best to not stay in the tub for too long. 

What To Do

The answer is simple. You just have to make sure the water temperature is not too high. Some use thermometers. But, if you do not have any, dip in your elbow to check if the bathwater is too hot.

There are other ways to enjoy a luxurious soak. For instance, you can light a scented candle to create a calm atmosphere. Look for your favorite scent and fill the room with it. 

Using epsom salt to help relax is ideal for this situation. For instance, Better Bath Better Body’s Stress Relief Bath Soak is best for unwinding, relaxation, and releasing stress. The spearmint and eucalyptus essential oils infused in the product can leave a cooling effect and fresh scent.

Epsom Salt

Despite its name, epsom salt is not similar to the use of table salt. While the structure and appearance may be similar, their components are different. Instead of sodium chloride, it has magnesium and sulfate. 

There are many ways a person can benefit from epsom salt. For many, including it in the bath is the best option.

A soak in the tub or even a sitz bath can soothe your muscles. It also helps relieve stress, especially with the use of the Sitz Bath Soak. The combination of various essential oils, such as frankincense, geranium, lavender, and niaouli, makes it effective for aromatherapy as well. This bath soak can also be used for a regular bath.

Using epsom salt does not involve a complicated process. You only need to add 1-2 tablespoons of salts per gallon of water. Gently mix with warm water that is comfortable to your touch. Soaking for around 10 minutes may be enough for a pregnant woman to enjoy a bath safely.

better bath better body epsom salts

Benefits for Pregnant Women

Adding epsom salt to your bathwater comes with many benefits, whether you are pregnant or not. Here are some of the benefits of a good epsom salt bath:

  • Soothes Muscles

Pregnancy can leave you with sore muscles all the time. Suffering from back pain and leg cramps is also a common occurrence. Epsom salt may help you feel better through its soothing and relieving properties.

  • Reduces Stress

Because of its magnesium component, epsom salt is believed to help in easing stress. For this purpose, a special blend of soak specifically for stress will be the best option. Deep Relaxation Bath Soak with lavender pure essential oil is a good example.

A relaxing bath is helpful in dealing with stress. So yes, you can you take a bath while you’re pregnant as long as you remain careful with water temperature. Further, be careful of other things like making sure that you won’t slip or fall while getting in the tub.

Even during pregnancy, having a nice, warm bath is possible. However, it is necessary to learn what to avoid and take safety precautions. You should be careful to prevent any issues that may affect your baby.

For a luxurious experience, lighting up some scented candles and mixing Epsom salt in the bathwater can help. 

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