Bad Habits That May Cause Back Discomfort

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Many of us don’t give our back and spine much thought until we have something to complain about. And most of us will do just that at some point in our life.

There are many different reasons for back discomfort. More often than not, it is the result of bad situations and habits alike. Even some habits that you probably don’t even think about can contribute to the condition, too.

Here are some of the common habits that may cause back discomfort and the ways you can address them.

Zero Exercise

By now, you probably know that exercise is beneficial for your body, but the kind of exercises you choose matters. If you want to prevent discomfort and promote good posture, try doing more abdominal and core strengthening exercises. Pilates and yoga are known to help a lot too. Make it your goal to get 30-40 minutes of exercise at least 3-4 times a week. Make sure to do the exercises properly to prevent injuries.


Better Bath Better Body Wellness BlogIf you smoke, you can blame it for all the bad stuff going on in your body. Yes, it might be partly responsible for your back discomfort too, so it’s best to stop smoking as soon as possible.

Excess Weight

If you are overweight or you suddenly gained a lot of weight, you are putting additional strain and pressure on your spine, which can lead to injury over time. If you think you need to lose weight, start watching your diet and moving your body more often.

Incorrect Lifting

Whether you are exercising in the gym or lifting heavy boxes, make sure that you lift weights correctly. Don’t curve your back or put pressure on your spine. Rather, bend your knees as though you are squatting and use the power of your legs and glutes to lift the object.

Lack Of Nutrients

If you want to avoid back discomfort, see to it that you are getting enough nutrients to help strengthen your bones. Include dairy products and green leafy vegetables in your diet. You can talk to your doctor about supplements if you think they are necessary.

Find Relief With Bath Salts For Back Pain

Better Bath Better Body Lifestyle BlogAre you experiencing back discomfort? Do you want something that will bring you relaxation?

Try Better Bath Better Body’s Back Soothing Bath Soak, which is made from Epsom salt. Epsom salt has been valued for hundreds of years because of its ability to promote overall health and wellness. 

Just mix our bath salts with your regular bath water and have a muscle soak in the tub for at least 20 minutes. Try this at least three times a week to enjoy maximum benefits.

Make Epsom salt baths a habit. Place your order for Epsom salt online here.

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