The Best Essential Oils For Your Emotional Health

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If you are living a fast-paced life, it is important to find time for relaxation. Caring for your mind, body, and spirit can help you find balance that will eventually allow you to give more of yourself to the people around you.

There are many ways to relax. One of them is to combine the soothing power of Epsom salt and the renewing power of essential oils in a relaxing bath. It’s perfect for unwinding and releasing tension.

Here are some essential oils that we add to our Epsom salt products so you can get amazing aromatherapy benefits.

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Frankincense Essential Oil

This can provide relief from feelings of grief and emotional trauma. It can also help increase energy.

Fennel Essential Oil

This helps clear the mind and promote mental strength during times of adversity. It has strong soothing properties as well.

Bergamot Essential Oil

This helps with fatigue, and it can be very helpful when you are feeling sad or overwhelmed.

Niaouli Essential Oil 

This helps promote better concentration and a positive outlook for the future. It also has a wonderful calming effect.

Find Your Balance With Our Epsom Salt Bath Soaks

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If you are ready to experience the difference that Epsom salt and essential oils can make, try Better Bath Better Body’s Stress Relief Bath Soak. Enhanced with spearmint and eucalyptus essential oils, this relaxing blend can help soothe senses, leaving you feeling refreshed and peaceful.

Like all Better Bath Better Body products, the Stress Relief Bath Soak is created using all-natural ingredients that are good for you. It contains zero harmful chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about using anything harmful on your skin.

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Interested in learning more about Epsom salt online? Make sure to visit the Better Bath Better Body store to choose from the wide variety of Epsom bath salts we have in stock. Making yourself feel better and happier should always be a priority. Start right now with a nice, warm bath.

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