Detox Foot Soak, Sitz Soak, And Bath Soak – 3 Ways To Self-Care

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Everyone deserves a little pampering. With salt bath soaks, there are 3 different ways to approach your own self-care ritual – detox foot soak, sitz soak, and bath soak. 

Foot Soak

Foot soaking is a simple and highly effective way to set aside a little time for yourself for relaxation. You don’t need a bathtub to soak your feet, you can read a book, study, or get some work done while you’re soaking, and it only takes about 20 minutes to get the maximum benefit from your soaking session. 

To take a foot soak, first decide where you’re going to take your soak. You can soak your feet in a standard bathtub, or maybe you’ve invested in a soaking basin that can be taken anywhere to be filled with warm water. If you’re taking your soak in the bathtub, fill the tub with a few inches of warm water; just enough to cover your feet and ankles completely in order to get the most benefit from the soak you choose. Make sure that the water isn’t too hot that it’s uncomfortable or burns the feet, but that it’s warm enough to soothe and dissolve the salt completely. 

If you’re taking a soak in a foot soaking basin, fill the basin with water where you plan to take your foot bath. This could be out on the back patio to enjoy a cup of tea and a glimpse of a beautiful sunset, or it could be anywhere inside of the home.  

Once you’ve filled your chosen bathing spot, add in 1 to 2 tablespoons of your favorite foot soak per gallon of water. This doesn’t have to be an exact measurement, but an estimate based on how much water is being used. Those new to foot soaking may wish to start closer to 1 tablespoon per gallon and work your way up as you get more comfortable with how you enjoy soaking your feet. 

Rest your feet in the warm water for about 15 to 20 minutes, breathing in the all-natural essential oils and being mindful in the moment. Feel the warm water soothe the feet and acknowledge the comfort that comes over you as the stress melts away. Once your soak is through, gently pat the feet dry with a clean, soft towel. 

Foot soaks come in many different varieties, and some favorites for new and experienced soakers are: 

  • Detoxify Foot – Detoxify foot is a refreshing and rejuvenating soak. Mediterranean Sea salt is met with coconut oil and essential oils of lemon, orange, and ginger, creating a zingy blend perfect for self-care at any time of day.

  • Relaxify Foot – Relaxify Foot is the ultimate end-of-day foot soak. Mediterranean Sea salt is combined with coconut oil, and the ultra-relaxing essential oils of lavender, chamomile, and frankincense for a blend that eases the body and mind. 

Sitz Soak 

Sitz soak is another form of self-care that many may not think about. This type of soaking focuses primarily on the bottom area, and it can be enjoyed in a traditional bathtub or in a sitz bath that attaches to a toilet bowl. 

When taking a sitz bath, either fill the bathtub with a few inches of water to cover the bottom area or fill the sitz bath with warm water after its attached to the toilet bowl. In a specialized sitz bath, a small hole ensures that any water overflow spills directly into the bowl without making a mess. 

After your warm water is ready, add your chosen sitz soak. Like in a foot soak, use 1 to 2 tablespoons of soak per gallon of water, and start on the lesser end of the spectrum until you know what type of soaking experience you find most beneficial. 

As you sit in the warm water, focus on the soothing and comforting feelings as you breathe deep the essential oils coming up on the steam. Soak for around 15 to 20 minutes before slowly rising to pat the skin dry with a clean towel. 

Sitz baths are particularly beneficial for those who deal with hemorrhoid conditions, providing soothing to the discomforts associated with them. Lilliuma’s Sitz Soak is a basic soothing blend perfect for new or experienced sitz bathers. This blend sees Mediterranean Sea salt blended with MCT fractionated coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, jojoba seed oil, and essential oils of lavender, chamomile, and frankincense.  

Bath Soaks 

Baths soaking is a popular and well-loved form of self-care. This is your traditional bath – the kind that allows you to fill the tub, lay back, and enjoy the feeling of warm water soothing your entire body all at once. To take a bath with a favorite soak, first make sure you fill the tub with comfortably warm water. Too hot can cause the bath to be more stressful than relaxing, and a cooler bath may not give you the form of relaxation you want unless a cold bath is your intention. 

After your tub has been filled, add your favorite soak. ½ to 1 cup of your soak is sufficient for a standard sized bathtub and starting on the lesser end is recommended until you learn just how you enjoy taking your baths. 

There are bath soaks available to bring about any sort of feeling. Some favorites include: 

  • Turmeric – Warm and comforting, Turmeric bath soak is a great way to give yourself the feeling of a cozy hug. This soak uses Mediterranean Sea salt alongside fractionated MCT coconut oil and essential oils of turmeric, lemon, and frankincense.
  • Relaxify – After a long day, a soak in Relaxify may be just what you need to settle yourself into deep relaxation. In Relaxify, Mediterranean Sea salt, MCT fractionated coconut oil, and jojoba seed oil are fragranced by all-natural essential oils of lavender, chamomile, and geranium. 

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