A Home Foot Spa For The Perfect End To Any Day

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What could be better than getting home, running some warm water, and soaking your feet to relax and let go of the day’s stresses? A home foot spa is an easy way to make this an everyday reality.

Why Do A Home Foot Spa?

We usually go to the spa to prepare for a special occasion or reward ourselves for an achievement. A luxurious pedicure with additional pampering can cost as much as $80, so this is not something you can afford to do every day. A foot spa at home allows you to tap into that feeling of refreshment and relaxation without breaking the bank.

Creating one is simple. All you need is a foot-soaking basin or bathtub, an epsom salt foot soak blend like our Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak, warm water, and a soft, dry towel. A foot soak only takes around 15 to 20 minutes, so it’s an easy and effective self-care practice that can fit into even the busiest schedules.

Creating Your Foot Spa Experience

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Establish Your Foot Spa Goals

While creating your foot spa experience at home, consider what you want out of it. You can mimic a real spa atmosphere, incorporate hobbies or activities you enjoy, or use the time for silent mindfulness –– it’s all in what you want to get out of the experience.

Choose A Relaxing Location

First and foremost, set your foot spa area. You might wish to take your soak in the bathroom using a bathtub or a foot-soaking basin, or you might want to take your soaking experience elsewhere.

With a foot-soaking tub, you can create a spa-like experience outside on a patio or anywhere you feel most comfortable. Choose an area that allows for quiet and gives you an opportunity to really sink into the spa-like atmosphere you’ve built.

Create A Tranquil Setup

Once you have chosen an area, set it up with things that provide you with calm, mindfulness, and rejuvenation. You may wish to set up candles on the counter or shelves, place a speaker that allows you to play relaxing music, bring in a book stand for reading as you soak, or grab a few puzzle books to help you divert your thoughts into something fun.

If you’d like to take your soak outside on the patio, you could bring a cup of tea to enjoy while you feel the breeze and a blanket to drape over your shoulders just in case it gets a little chilly.

Prepare For The Soak

Now that you have your location set, it’s time to get ready for the soak. Either fill the bathtub or soaking basin with a few inches of warm water. You want enough water to completely submerge the feet up to the ankles, and you want it to be comfortably warm.

After drawing warm water, add about 1 to 2 tablespoons of foot soak per gallon of water used. If you’re new to foot baths, start with 1 tablespoon per gallon and work your way to 2 as you feel more comfortable.

Embrace The Experience

As you’re soaking, take time to feel the soothing power of warm water and epsom salt. Feel the comfort, stress relief, and uplift in mood that the soak encourages. 

Whether you’ve set up candles or music or brought a book, enjoy every second of the soak to make it a more luxurious experience.

Post-Soak Routine

Once your soak is complete, you can remove your feet or scrub them first for some extra pampering. Take a small palm full of epsom salt scrub and massage it onto the feet, gently rubbing away dead skin to leave behind energized and rejuvenated skin.

Rinse away the salt and you’re ready to dry off. Make sure to pat the skin dry with a clean, soft towel after.

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Foot Soaks For Different Moods

If you’re looking to relax, energize, or revive, we at Better Bath Better Body have a soak for that. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Circulation Foot Soak – Our Circulation Foot Soak is perfect if you're looking for a soothing and uplifting experience. It combines USP Grade epsom salt, MCT fractionated coconut oil, vitamin C crystals, vitamin E oil, and essential oils of warm ginger, fresh cypress, cooling eucalyptus, and calming lavender.

    The cypress essential oil gives a little taste of the outdoors, perfect for those who like to take their foot bath outside. Ginger is warm and comforting, lavender soothing and relaxing, and eucalyptus adds just that touch of cool refreshment to give the feet an uplifting energy boost.
  • Detox Foot Soak – For a grounded yet energizing experience, our Detox Foot Soak is the perfect choice. This highly balanced soak brings the bright freshness of lemon alongside the tingly cool aroma of peppermint but keeps the aromatherapy grounded with relaxing lavender and earthy frankincense.

    This ideal “anytime” soak works just as well after a long day and before bed as it does in the mid-afternoon for a quick pick-me-up.

Incorporating a home foot spa into your routine provides an affordable daily escape from stress. With a simple setup and varied soaks, it's a quick, effective self-care practice for anyone with a busy schedule.

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