Dos And Don’ts Of Working From Home

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Many companies have come to realize the benefits of remote work. As a result, more and more employees have started working from home in the last few years. Remote work is lauded to be beneficial for productivity. Here are some work from home dos and don’ts that new remote employees should be aware of.

Work From Home Dos

Dedicate A Space, Preferably A Room, That You Use Only For Work

    Having a dedicated space for work will help you eliminate distractions as well as maintain a healthy work-life balance. Stepping in and out of a home office area, even if it’s just a desk, will give you the feeling of clocking in and out of the office.

    Set Clear Boundaries Between Work And Personal Life

    It’s easy to get distracted by chores or your kids during work hours. However, allowing yourself to deal with personal life matters while working is a big impediment to productivity. This is a slippery slope to doing overtime just to meet deadlines and failing to unplug after work. Don’t let your work spill into your personal life by separating the two completely. 

    Organize Your Days

    Working from home can get overwhelming as you need to keep up with communications and deadlines alone, with no one to remind you of what your priorities should be. Don’t miss your daily targets or meetings by staying organized. Use to-do lists, calendars, or any system that works to keep you on top of your tasks without feeling overwhelmed. 

    Take Control Of Your Schedule

    Remote employees’ schedules can be chaotic. Meetings and other forms of communications usually crowd your days, giving you hardly any time to handle your own tasks. However, the good thing is that as a remote employee, you can structure your day in a way that maximizes your productivity. For instance, if you are most productive in the afternoon, avoid distractions and meetings during that period. 

    Communicate With Your Coworkers Regularly

    Communicating goals and updates is a healthy practice among remote employees to make sure everyone is on the same page, and it fosters strong relationships within the team

    Take Short Breaks

    This one is self-explanatory, yet a lot of remote employees forget to do it. Set short breaks every 30 minutes or 1 hour to refresh and rest your mind. It’s important to prevent you from overworking and burning out. 

    Unwind After Work To Maintain Work-Life Balance

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    It’s crucial to establish routines after work that will help you transition from “work mode” to “home mode.” Work out or take a warm bath with Turmeric Bath Soak or the Lilliuma Turmeric Bath Salt that will help you relax after a long day. 

    Schedule Social Activities After Work Hours

    Loneliness is a common problem faced by remote employees. A lot of people are exhausted after work, so they simply stay at home. But doing so all the time, especially if you live alone, will make you feel lonely and isolated, so it’s important to schedule some time to hang out with your friends or family. This can be done virtually if you really don’t have the energy to leave your house. 

    Work From Home Don’ts

    Don’t Do Household Chores

    As mentioned, this will distract you from work, and it’s not professional to attend to personal matters during work hours. 

    Minimize Use Of Social Media And Avoid Personal Calls

    Smartphones are compact distraction machines. You may think that scrolling through social media for a few seconds is not a big deal, but in fact, it is. Even if you take your eyes off work for just 5 seconds, it will likely take you 25 minutes to regain focus. That’s 30 minutes of your productivity wasted. 

    Don’t Work In the Dining Area Or Any Common Area

    The dining area or the living room is a frequent choice for remote employees, but working in those areas leaves you susceptible to distraction. If possible, don’t work in common areas where your family or roommates can distract you. Try to invest in a desk and place it in your room or a spare room. 

    Don’t Procrastinate

    You’re not in high school anymore, so don’t do all your work toward the end of the day as that will create unnecessary stress. Give yourself ample time to finish your tasks before your deadlines. Working under pressure all the time is unhealthy, so avoid it as much as possible. 

    Don’t Work In Your Pajamas

    Get ready for work as if you were going to the office—take a shower and wear appropriate clothing. This will help you get into the right mindset with little effort every morning.

    Don’t Skip Any Of Your Meals

    Being busy is not a good excuse for skipping a meal as it will be unhealthy for you in the long run. If you don’t have time to cook, try meal prepping days in advance so you can just heat up the food in the microwave. 

    Don’t Become Sedentary

    A lot of remote employees sit all day at their desk then sit on their couch after work. Maintain a healthy body by exercising after work. This will also have a positive impact on your job performance. 

    Don’t Forget To Unplug

    Don’t take work calls or answer e-mails after work hours. Remote employees find it difficult to unplug after work, but it is a must; otherwise, you risk being burnt out. No matter how quick you think it’s going to be, it’s still not good for you and your well-being. 

    Working from home has numerous advantages for employees and companies alike. Experienced remote employees have found a formula of things that work and don’t work for them. Try to practice the dos, such as loosening up with Better Bath Better Body’s soothing bath salts, and avoid the don’ts, such as procrastinating and overworking. Simply follow these work from home tips and you will surely succeed.

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