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bath with candles

Candles are the easiest way to create an ambiance in any room. A bath with candles is a ritual that sets the mood and gives you a way to create a spa experience in your own home in just a few seconds. 

To enjoy candles alongside your bath, follow these tips to maximize your experience while ensuring safety.

Why Enjoy A Bath With Candles

If you’ve never enjoyed a candlelit bath before, you may be wondering why you should incorporate them into a bath ritual you already love. A few ways candles enhance the bath experience are:

  • They immediately set the mood – Few things can set the mood like a candle. Tea candles scattered around a room, a few tapered candles, a large jar candle that projects dancing light all around the room – there’s no way to go wrong.
    The hypnotic flickering of light from the flame is a natural relaxant. When taking a bath, a candle can be the perfect experience enhancement. Take the experience up a notch with our Deep Relaxation Bath Soak, infused with pure lavender essential oil.
  • Incorporate aromatherapeutic scents – Candles that use natural aroma oils can work alongside your bath to boost your aromatherapy experience. A zesty lemon candle while you enjoy a relaxing bath can leave you feeling even more invigorated.
    Add our Detox Bath Soak to the routine, which will complement zesty candles perfectly.
  • They add to bathroom décor – Your bathroom décor can really impact how you feel within the space. Candles in beautiful holders, tins, or jars look just as good resting on your sink as they do while lit in the bath. When your bath is through, simply blow the flame out and the décor stays put.

Safety First For The Most Soothing Experience

epsom salt foot soak

Enjoying candles alongside a good bath is a soothing, relaxing, and overall “feel good” experience, but it only stays that way when you pay close attention to candle safety. A few candle safety tips for the bath include:

  • Safe lighting – Candle safety starts as soon as you light your candle. Using a long candle lighter can help you avoid burning the tips of your fingers, the palm of your hand, or the side of the glass if the candle is kept in a jar.
    A regular pocket lighter may be sufficient for tapered candles or brand-new candles, but they should never be lit upside down and placed into a candle jar or tin.
  • Pay close attention to candle maintenance – Dust, debris, and chemical products like hairspray can settle on the wax of an unlit candle. Before lighting your candle, make sure that there is no debris on the wax that could pose a hazard while you’re enjoying your bath.
    After each burn, wait for the candle to cool and trim the wick to ¼ inch or smaller.
  • Arrange and position candles with care – Covering your entire bathroom with candles might be tempting as the varied flickers of light create such a beautiful atmosphere. However, it’s crucial to carefully and thoughtfully place any candles you’re going to use during bath time.
    The best way to take an epsom salt bath with candles is to place candles only on flat sturdy surfaces, space them at least 3 inches apart, and keep them away from any flammable products, fabrics, or surfaces.

Order our epsom salt soaks with essential oils online today to take your bath to the next level and transform it into a blissful oasis.

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