Sitz Bath Postpartum Ritual: Gift Idea for New Moms

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New moms cope with unique challenges, but a gift may lighten things up. Consider gifting a new mom in your life with Postpartum Sitz Bath Soak from Better Bath Better Body.

Childbirth is quite a stressful experience for the mom's mind and body. To promote rejuvenation, a new mom can soak in a sitz bath for its effective reinvigorating effect. A postpartum sitz bath soak with epsom salt is perfect for new moms. 


One can take a sitz bath in two ways: over the toilet or in a bathtub. In the over-the-toilet method, the user soaks in a tub fitted over the toilet seat. With the bathtub method, the user may just sit in the tub filled with a few inches of warm water. The Postpartum Sitz Bath Soak can work in either of the two ways. Simply pour in the salts. It quickly dissolves in warm water. The user soaks for 15 to 20 minutes in order to experience the benefits of the sitz bath.


Sitz bath benefits include reduced discomfort after a soak. It is revitalizing and soothing for one's mind and body. It is also good for maintaining cleanliness.

Better Bath Better Body also offers a Sitz Tub Bundle. It comes with a sitz tub ready to be attached to any standard toilet bowl, a carrying or storage bag, and a 2-lbs Sitz Bath epsom salt blend. 


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When using Better Bath Better Body soaks, use each soak as directed.

New moms should also consult their doctor before soaking in a postpartum bath.

Always maintain proper hygienic practices to avoid irritation. In addition, ensure that the water is not hot but comfortably warm. Consult with a physician in case of persistent irritation or other discomforts.

Nursing mothers should enjoy all the pampering they deserve. After all, they deliver a new life into this world. A sitz bath postpartum is a small but significant treat for them. It rejuvenates, reinvigorates, and soothes postpartum mothers for a relaxing recovery from childbirth.

For a new mother’s bath, it is better to have a bath salt bundle that has stress relief, deep relaxation, and detoxifying properties to boost recovery and well-being.

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