Epsom Salt On Scalp And Other DIY Hair Care Habits

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For your best and most beautiful hair, there’s one ingredient you might not be using enough. Epsom salt on scalp is an excellent, simple, and natural hair revitalization product that anyone can incorporate into their shower routine. What you’re left with after using epsom salt is shinier, brighter, and more revitalized hair. 

Epsom salt is a product that can be used on the scalp either with your everyday shampoo or without. To add to shampoo, put a pinch or two of epsom salt in your palm, add shampoo, and mix up a little bit with your finger. Focus on rubbing the mixture into your scalp with small gentle circles, allowing the salt to scrub away any dead skin cells, product buildup, or scalp oils. Once rinsed away, you’re left with hair that is a natural, clean slate ready for easy optimal styling. 

Free from buildup, hair feels lighter, looks less frizzy, and is more manageable for simple or complex styling. 

Other DIY Hair Care Tips For Salon Quality Looks At Home 

Epsom salt on scalp is just one secret you can incorporate into your everyday haircare routine. A few others you can use for revamped and renewed hair are: 

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  • Create an egg mask – Egg yolks are made up of the same proteins that can be found in the follicle of your hair, and they’re rich in several vitamins crucial to beautiful healthy hair. To get the benefit of the proteins, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, biotin, and folate in eggs for your hair, mix 3 egg yolks with around 3 tablespoons of natural coconut oil. Apply the mixture to your hair from scalp to ends, cover with a shower cap, and allow it to sit for around 15 minutes. When the time is up, rinse with cool clean water. 
  • “Towel” dry with a T-shirt instead – Towel drying is great for your body, but not as great for your hair. Hair is delicate and should be treated gently. To avoid the friction that leads to frizz and breakage, wrap your wet hair in a well-worn soft cotton T-shirt instead of rough drying with a towel. 
  • Avoid heat – It’s well known that heat isn’t the best for your hair, and this goes for water as well as styling tools. When drying, rinsing, or styling, always use the coolest setting to avoid opening the cuticle of the hair and leaving it susceptible to breakage. 

More Than Just A Soak 

An epsom salt bath is just one way to use epsom salt in your daily routine. A scalp scrub comprised of simple, additive-free epsom salt can show you just how much this one ingredient can do. When using an epsom salt scrub, you may mix with a favorite natural shampoo, or apply directly to the scalp for a scrub before or after you wash. When rinsing the epsom salt from your hair, rinse well and take care to seek a temperature that is both comfortable for you and cool enough to keep your hair feeling healthy, happy, and rejuvenated. 

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