Gift Ideas For New Moms: Sitz Bath Postpartum Soak

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It’s not rare for new moms to be flooded with congratulatory gifts but few are actually meant for them. Precious onesies, cozy blankets, toys, and books are all exciting gifts for babies, but new moms need to remember to consider themselves as well. Sitz bath postpartum soaks are useful gifts that not only provide soothing and comfort but also give new moms a little reminder to practice self-care in this special time.

Sitz Bath Postpartum Benefits

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Sitz baths provide a number of benefits for new moms. For instance, hemorrhoids can be common in all stages of pregnancy, and they’re often still a part of life in the months after birth. 

An epsom salt bath that focuses on the bottom area can ease hemorrhoid symptoms like soreness, itching, and general discomfort, providing a bit of much-needed relief during a time when moms need it the most.

Even if new moms aren’t experiencing hemorrhoids, a sitz bath is a soothing experience. While taking a sitz bath with a toilet bowl bath or in a bathtub, they can enjoy all-natural essential oil aromas, feel the warm water soothe their skin, and get some much-needed quiet time all at once.

During these quiet and comforting moments, new moms can listen to music, catch up on a favorite TV show, read a book, or simply sit and soak in the peace.

Epsom Salt Sitz Bath Soak

Our Sitz Bath Soak would make for a perfect gift for new moms. It’s for moms or anyone who’d like to experience this type of bath. This bath soak is made of USP Grade epsom salt, fractionated MCT coconut oil, vitamin C crystals, vitamin E oil, and essential oils of juniper, frankincense, geranium, lavender, and niaouli. 

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As you sit and enjoy the bath, you’re met with fresh and grounding aromas that work to soothe, revive, and relax all at the same time. You may also want to try our Postpartum Bath Soak. It is made with the same pure, high-quality ingredients, specifically essential oils of frankincense, lavender, geranium, chamomile, and lemon.

Its aroma profile focuses not only on grounding and relaxation but also on bright and clean lemon to add a bit of energizing zest.

Sitz Bath Soak In A Gift Set For New Moms

You can give sitz bath soaks on their own, but they also make excellent additions to gift baskets or bags for new moms. In those first few months after birth, the world seems to go by at lightning speed. As new moms adjust to life with their new bundles of joy, they can sometimes use reminders to slow down, take a breath, and enjoy a simple moment of reflection. 

Sitz bath postpartum gifts are simple but treasured gestures new moms really appreciate. New mom or not, we all need a gentle reminder to stop for a moment and take care of ourselves.

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