Epsom Salt Sitz Bath: A Natural Remedy For Soothing Hemorrhoids

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epsom salt sitz bath for soothing hemorrhoids

If you're dealing with the discomfort of hemorrhoids, you know how challenging it can be to find relief. One natural remedy you might consider adding to your self-care routine is an epsom salt sitz bath.

Understanding Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, swollen veins in the lower rectum and anus, can cause itching, pain, and discomfort. Factors such as straining during bowel movements, chronic constipation or diarrhea, and pregnancy can contribute to their development.

While they're common and usually not serious, they can significantly impact your quality of life.

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How An Epsom Salt Sitz Bath Can Help

Epsom salt, known for its soothing properties, can provide relief from the symptoms of hemorrhoids when used in a sitz bath. When combined with warm water, it can help provide temporary relief from discomfort.

Keep in mind that while epsom salt sitz baths can offer relief, they are not a cure for hemorrhoids. Always consult your doctor before trying any new remedy, especially if you're dealing with a medical condition.

Incorporating Epsom Salt Sitz Baths Into Your Self-Care Routine

Adding an epsom salt bath for hemorrhoids to your self-care routine is simple and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Here are some tips on how to make sitz bath at home and incorporate this natural remedy into your routine:

  1. Prepare Your Sitz Bath: Fill a clean bathtub or basin with warm water, ensuring it's deep enough to cover your hips and buttocks when you sit. Add epsom salt to the water according to the package instructions, which we at Better Bath Better Body offer in 5-lb pouches and 40-lb buckets. Place an order here.

    You may also try our Sitz Bath Soak, an epsom salt blend infused with pure essential oils of juniper, geranium, lavender, and niaouli. Remember to consult your doctor before trying it.
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  1. Take Your Time: Set aside at least 15-20 minutes for your epsom salt sitz soak. Use this time to relax and unwind while allowing the warm water and epsom salt to work their magic.
  1. Repeat As Needed: Depending on your symptoms, you may find relief from epsom salt sitz baths after just one session. However, for ongoing discomfort, you can incorporate sitz baths into your routine as needed.
  1. Follow Your Doctor's Recommendations: While epsom salt sitz baths can soothe hemorrhoid symptoms, they should not replace any treatment or medication prescribed by your doctor. Always follow your doctor's recommendations for managing your condition.


Incorporating an epsom salt sitz bath into your self-care routine can soothe discomfort associated with hemorrhoids. However, it's essential to remember that sitz baths are not a cure for hemorrhoids.

Always consult your doctor before trying any new remedy, and continue to follow their recommendations for managing your condition. Soothe your discomfort and promote relaxation with an epsom salt sitz soak today.

Order plain epsom salt and sitz bath salts here. Visit our blog for answers to other FAQs about this versatile mineral, like “Does epsom salt expire?” and “How to use epsom salt on the hair?”

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