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Five Awesome Uses Of Ginger Root

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Five Awesome Uses Of Ginger RootYou are probably familiar with the distinct flavor that ginger in food you eat every day, but do you know that this kitchen staple offers numerous health benefits, too? This popular herb often found in East Asia, China, Australia, and India can help with various kinds of health problems, including nausea, infections, stomach pains, and may even prevent cancer.

According to studies, ginger has been valued since Ancient times because of its power to help with various body conditions. Most of its healing properties are because of the active compound in ginger, gingerol, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to add more ginger to your meals to keep them flavorful and healthy:

  • May Help Fight Nausea
  • Nausea is extreme discomfort in the stomach and chest. It can lead to lightheadedness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. More often than not, it is caused by external factors such as motion sickness, food poisoning and dehydration. Morning sickness and certain types of bacterial and viral infection may cause nausea, too. Ginger is one of the best natural remedies for nausea. You can consume raw ginger but you might be demotivated to continue because of ginger’s strong taste. One of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of ginger is to make homemade ginger tea and to consume it 2-3 times a day.

  • May Help Provide Relief To Muscle Pain And Soreness
  • Had a particularly tiring day at the gym? You can add ginger to your diet to help you deal with the soreness and pain. The best way to do it is to add ginger to your daily meals for sustained benefits. The nice and aromatic flavor will even make your food taste better!

  • May Help Reduce Menstrual Pain
  • Five Awesome Uses Of Ginger RootGinger is said to work just as effectively as pain pills when dealing with dysmenorrhea. Women who don’t like taking in Ibuprofen or aspirin can try this remedy to enjoy practically the same results. Making ginger tea is surprisingly easy. Simply wash, peel, and grate fresh ginger. Bring to boil and strain into glass. You can add the sweetener of your choice like honey. You may even drink it cold if you prefer.

  • May Help Reduce Cholesterol
  • Are you always eating “bad cholesterol”? Do you think your diet is putting you at an increased risk of heart disease? Ginger is known to help reduce significant cholesterol markers. Try to consume at least 3 grams of ginger or ginger powder to enjoy the benefits. It is best to add it as an ingredient to your daily meals to enjoy the benefits.

  • My Help Prevent Cancer
  • Although there is no scientific evidence that can prove that ginger can help prevent cancer, it has been studied as an alternative form of treatment because it has anti-cancer properties attributed to 6-gingerol. More research is needed in this area and as always, it is always best to seek the opinion of a medical professional before starting any form of treatment.

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