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Top 50 Things To Do In The Bath

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Relaxing in Epsom salt bath soaks or sea salt bath soaks is our favorite way to relax. What’s yours?

With all the responsibilities that women have to handle each day, there are times when stress gets too much. When that happens, it is only natural to look for ways to relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of one’s daily life.

For some, that is possible with the help of a peaceful bath with candles. But, it is not the only thing one can do in the bathroom. To help you get started, we listed 50 things you can do in the bath.

  •   Sing. Take advantage of the fantastic acoustics of the bathroom and have a karaoke session.
  •   Listen to music or a podcast. Create a playlist of all your favorite tunes and fill the bathroom with the sound of music. Another option is to tune in to your preferred podcast.
  •   Practice your moves. Being alone in the bathroom gives you the freedom to let loose. Dance to your heart’s content and learn to pop and lock without feeling self-conscious.
  •   Read. Bring a waterproof reading device or a book. You can also opt to play an audiobook.
  •   Write. Explore your writing abilities and let your creative juices flow. Who knows, you might be able to create the next bestseller.
  •   Have a drink. Bring a bottle of wine and drink a glass or two. If you are not into alcohol, a hot beverage like coffee or tea will also do the trick.
  •   Learn a new language. Use modules or audio tools for language beginners.
  •   Do business. Start your work presentation or compose an important email.
  •   Practice a presentation. Rehearse in the bath for your next presentation.
  •   Brainstorm. The quiet surrounding and calm atmosphere in the bath can help you brainstorm, whether it is for a work-related project or a business idea. 
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  •   Earn some money. Check out freelance websites and see if there are jobs you can accomplish even while taking a bath.
  •   Keep up with current events. Your busy schedule may have prevented you from catching up on the news. Read the newspaper or stream the news while in the tub.
  •   Binge-watch a series or play movies.
  •   Browse on your phone. Check out social media, look for fashion advice, or read some helpful tips.
  •   Eat. Bring a snack or eat a meal. Take the opportunity to enjoy your favorite food.
  •   Shop. Visit online stores and click on the things you want or need.
  •   Bathe your pet. You can do this before you take a bath yourself. 
  •   Video chat with your friends. Do you not have time to meet up with friends? A face-to-face chat can help. Just make sure you frame the camera right.
  •   Talk on the phone. If you are not a fan of video calls, consider talking on the phone. Set it to speakerphone and place it on the counter to prevent it from getting wet.
  •   Take some selfies. Waterproof mobile phones or cameras can help you take awesome photos with underwater effects.
  •   Work out. Do a few rounds of sit-ups, leg lifts, planking, or simple exercises before getting in the tub. 
  •   Hold your breath. Challenge yourself and try to increase your record for holding one’s breath.
  •   Make jewelry. Take some beads and create new accessories.
  •   Plan your meals. Figuring out what to eat for supper can be hard, especially after a long day at work. Plan for the whole week while lounging in the bathtub.
  •   Snorkel. Imagine a snorkeling session without going to the ocean.
  •   Achieve a high score. Play your favorite game and try to beat the high score. 
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  •   Reminisce your childhood. Bring a rubber duck or other water toys and let your inner child have fun. You can also use them if you have a hard time bathing your child.
  •   Create a ball pit. Another way to feel like a child again is to turn your tub into a ball pit. If you have kids, you can also do this for them.
  •   Play with bubbles. Give yourself a bubble beard or create towers of bubbles.
  •   Have a colorful bath. Bath paints or dyes allow you to experiment with colors.
  •   Try a glow bath. Use a glow stick to create a bathtub rave. 
  •   Use bath bombs. Another way to color the water is through bath bombs. They also come in different scents.
  •   Experiment with makeup and try new looks.
  •   Whiten your teeth. Wear a whitening mouth guard while sitting in the tub.
  •   Give yourself a manicure and pedicure.
  •   Shave your legs.
  •   Get romantic. Set up a romantic atmosphere and take your partner with you.
  •   Light Candles. As stated earlier, a good way to unwind is to set up a peaceful bath with candles.
  •   Meditate. Soak on warm water and free your mind.
  •   Tune out. Create a safe space in the bath, which allows you to forget about your worries and responsibilities. 
  •   Take a nap. Re-energize by taking a 20- to 30-minute nap. Make sure you keep your head well above water and set an alarm.
  •   Let your mind wander. Whether it is an alternative life or a ploy for world domination, your mind is free to imagine. 
  •   Do affirmations. Keep yourself motivated by saying nice declarative sentences over and over. 
  •   Talk to yourself. Talking to oneself while walking around could earn you a few weird looks, but doing that in the bath can help you figure some things out.
  •   Dye your hair.
  •   Deep condition your hair. Let your hair recover from daily damage with a deep conditioning treatment.
  •   Try masks and scrubs. Open your pores with hot steam and apply a facial mask and body scrub.
  •   Enjoy a massage. Take a handheld waterproof massager and soothe your muscles. 
  •   Try reflexology. Learn reflexology and try it in the bath.

A bath gives you time to yourself. Explore your creativity and take it as an opportunity to have fun.


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