Have You Tried Detox Foot Soaks With Epsom Salt?

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better bath better body epsom salts

We always talk about relaxing our body, mind, and soul, but never about giving our feet the same care and attention. Our feet also deserve to be pampered and the detox foot soak Epsom salt is here to take care of that.

Let’s appreciate our feet and learn how to show them some love.

Take Time Off For A Foot Bath

 Just like the other parts of our body, our feet go through a lot of stress in a day’s work. Sadly, they are the last things that come to mind when we think about relaxing and pampering. This is your chance to give them a break. A foot bath is just as relaxing as a full-body soak, but using the Better Bath Better Body foot soaks instead of our usual Epsom bath salts changes the game because they are made especially to pamper our feet. This time, we could really focus on making our feet feel good so we could continue our days with a skip in every step. 

better bath better body epsom salts

To start with, detoxify your feet with the Detox Foot Soak with lemon and peppermint pure essential oils. Mint and citrus are great for reenergizing, making the combination perfect for weary feet. Their refreshing smells are also great for our feet, which are always hidden in socks and shoes. In addition, they are great aromatherapy for you so could still sit back and relax while your feet indulge in their own bath.

The Circulation Foot Soak is also a must-try, especially if your feet feel sore and heavy. Make the numbness, cramping, and other discomforts go away by relaxing with this soak. It has the earthy and grounding smells of ginger and cypress, a nice aromatherapy combination to also make you loosen up and help get rid of your other stresses. 

How To Prepare A Relaxing Foot Bath 

Ready your foot bath in the same enthusiastic way you would prepare a full-body bath. Get any clean basin you have at home and fill it with warm water that is comfortable enough for you. If you have a specially made foot massager, feel free to use it too. When filling the tub or basin with water, make sure that it covers up to your ankles and not just your soles and toes. 

The next step is to pour your Epsom foot soak into the water. You can use up to half a cup of foot bath salts. Put your feet in and let it rest there for 20 - 30 minutes. As it could take a while, you could also prepare other things to make the experience more relaxing for you like playing relaxing piano music in the background, reading your favorite novels, and even lighting up some scented candles before sitting back and resting for the rest of the footbath. 

Other Ways To Pamper Your Feet

better bath better body epsom salts

Now that you have taken the time to give your feet the love and attention it deserves, here are some other ways to pamper them. 

  1. Get A Massage - You could buy and use your own rollers or massager, or you could ask someone to do it for you. Usually, foot spas and foot baths are paired with a massage before letting it rest in your Epsom soaks. A massage could provide extra relaxation not only for your tired feet but for your whole well-being too.

Here’s a tip: if you plan to massage your feet, you could also use the Epsom bath soaks as a foot scrub. Create a thick paste with a few tablespoons of bath salts and water, and use that paste to scrub in between your toes, your soles, and your ankles before settling down and soaking them for a few more relaxing minutes. 

  1. Get A Pedicure - A pedicure helps you keep your toenails clean and gets rid of some dead skins around them. A pedicure is a perfect finishing touch after minutes of relaxing in your foot bath. As a bonus, you could also paint your nails or at least use a colorless polish to give them a beautiful sheen. The extra layer of beauty could make you feel better as well. If you are going to pamper your feet, it is not a bad idea to go all out. 

Where To Get The Best Foot Soaks

It is always recommended to buy bath salts online because it is much more convenient and safe. While buying in-store lets you inspect the product up close, it still does not guarantee the authenticity of its ingredients and brand. On the other hand, Better Bath Better Body has all the natural ingredients you are looking for and you could read them easily. There are no artificial substances that are unfamiliar and hard to read or understand.

Buying online also lets you shop at your own pace and at your own time. There is no pressure to choose before closing time and you do not have to be mindful of the people who could be waiting for you to make your choice. Bath soaks are all about giving you the relaxation you deserve, so buying one should not even be a cause of stress.

By getting your stuff online, you could just do everything while sitting down. In fact, you could start browsing for a new supply of Epsom foot soaks while currently enjoying a relaxing foot bath!


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