How To Handle Anger Better

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Anger is a powerful emotion. Whether as a small annoyance or as complete rage, you’ve probably felt anger at least once in your life.

Thing is, anger is a perfectly healthy human emotion. Though dealing with it is not exactly comfortable, we’ve all felt angry at one point in our lives. However, things get sour when anger becomes destructive. When it has started destroying your personal and professional relationships, you need to think twice about how you are handling thi very strong emotion.

Here are some of our tips that can help you handle anger just a little bit better.

Rest And Sleep

How To Handle Anger BetterEver noticed how you are more prone to anger when you are feeling tired or when you lack sleep? Getting enough rest and sleep is one of the most basic human needs. You will be able to function better if you have enough sleep. It also allows you to be in better control of your emotions. When you are well-rested, you will be able to control your anger impulses better.

For some people, hunger provokes anger too. Make sure to ty and always provide what your body needs to help you stay in control of your mood.

Walk Away

Once you know that you negative emotions are taking over and you can’t control your words or actions, step away and give yourself time to calm down. Sometimes, this is so much better than trying to argue or prove a point. This doesn’t mean that you’re walking away from your problems, it just means that you need to give yourself time to process your feelings and not let your emotions take over. Once you are ready, make sure to face the issue and understand what is really wrong.

Understand The Root Cause

Spend some time reflecting on what happened and try to understand what went wrong. What triggered your negative emotions? While it’s hard to control what provokes your anger, it helps to know them. You can stay away from situations that that trigger your anger.

Talk When You Are Ready

What caused the outburst in the first place? Remember, it is perfectly fine to get angry but not aggressive. Be assertive about your points without destroying your relationships or your reputation. Also, be careful about your choice of words and the way you phrase your thoughts.

Were you angry because you didn’t like the way your husband talked to you? Were you angry because a colleague was hard to work with? Make sure that the other party knows, but communicate your feelings in a healthy way. This means initiating a healthy conversation when you are ready,

Make Time For Self-Care With Essential Oils In Bath

How To Handle Anger BetterAre you always feeling tired? Is there never an opportunity for you to just sit back, relax and pamper yourself? It’s always harder to take control of your emotion when it feels like don’t get to take care of your own needs.

If you need time to relax, try giving yourself a relaxing Epsom salt bath at least three to four times a week. Made from Magnesium and Sulfate, Epsom Salt is a powerful all-natural remedy for various ailments. It is known to help the body relax, improve sleep and soothe aching muscles.

Better Bath Better Body Epsom bath soaks are made of 100% pure Epsom salt to help you enjoy even more benefits. We have a unique Calm Bath Soak with chamomile, lavender, tangerine, and  ylang-ylang essential oils to help you unwind and release your tensions. This blend promotes relaxation.

All our products contain Essential Oils, which can help improve your overall wellness. Check out our products here to find out more.

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