10 Ways To Prevent Boredom While Running On A Treadmill

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Boredom is a common problem when people choose to run on the treadmill. When we get bored, we tend to stop what we are doing and distract ourselves with other things. To help combat this, here are 10 ways to alleviate boredom while exercising on a treadmill:

1. Think About Your Form

Okay, we know that you don't want to think about running while you are running. However, it’s a good way to combat some of the boredom that comes along with treadmill workouts. Thinking about your form can eat up a bit of your time.

Concentrate on each part of your body, and make sure it is doing what it is supposed to be doing. For example, your neck should be reaching up toward the ceiling to help correct your posture. Your arms have to be at a 90-degree angle, and they should be swung back and forth with relaxed hands. Your shoulders have to be pulled back as well.

Thinking about each part of your body and correcting your form is a good way to pass the time while running on a treadmill. Those minutes will pass by quickly, and you will be able to improve the way you do your workout too.

2. Play Around With The Buttons

If you choose to run at the same pace and the same incline every time you jump on your treadmill, then it will become all too easy to get bored with your routine. Explore the different buttons and settings available. You can also alternate between walking, running, and jogging. Change up the routine by going for a few minutes of high-intensity running followed by some casual walking.

3. Skip And Lunge

Who said a treadmill has to be strictly for walking, running, and jogging? Switch things up and try skipping every now and then. It is best to do this between 3 and 4 mph. Skip several times and then do 30 seconds of jogging.

If you turn the speed on your treadmill down slightly, you can also try doing lunges to break up the monotony of your workout. This is a good way to not only develop mental focus but also build lower body strength. The mental focus comes as you concentrate on your balance while doing each lunge.

4. Create An Awesome Playlist

Running on a treadmill in silence can become boring quickly. To prevent this issue, come up with an energetic playlist to keep you motivated. The music will get you pumped up and motivated to reach your fitness goals. Find songs with a beat that matches the speed of your walk or run on the treadmill.

5. Catch Up On Netflix

No rule says you can't take your treadmill time each day to catch up on your favorite shows. Before hopping on the treadmill, turn on your favorite series or movie. You can also catch up on your favorite YouTube videos and podcasts. If you don't have a TV or laptop in your workout space, you can prop up your phone or tablet on the treadmill stand. Set the speed at a decent pace, and make sure your heart rate stays elevated.

6. Create A Game

You can take all the distractions around you while running on a treadmill and turn them into a game. If you are facing an outside window, you can use the visual stimuli to help with your workout. Can you guess if the next car is going to be a red one or a blue one? How many cars have to drive past the window before you can slow down? Be creative and have some fun.

7. Opt For Unpredictability

Instead of just hitting “Quick Start” on your treadmill and going through the same workout as always, let your treadmill make the decisions. Many treadmills have pre-programmed workouts that can provide you with excitement rather than predictability.

8. Daydream

Your time on the treadmill is the perfect opportunity for daydreaming. Visualize your goals, let your mind wander to some pleasant imagery, and imagine your future. The possibilities are endless. This also allows you to associate your treadmill with something good and positive, which will keep you coming back.

9. Walk Sideways

This is something you will want to try out gradually because it can be difficult. When trying to walk sideways on your treadmill, make sure to grip the handrails. After some practice, you will become more confident and find that it is a good way to break up an otherwise dull treadmill workout.

10. Make Up Your Own Rules

If you find that you are beginning to dread your time on the treadmill, then you need to find ways to spice things up and keep it interesting. This means making up your own rules as you go. Set your own mini goals, play around with the speed and incline, and try out some new moves on the treadmill.

Post-Workout Tips

No matter which of our suggestions you decide to try, your post-workout routine also needs to be something you can forward to as well. After all, any workout can leave you with tense muscles and the urge to wind down.

As a runner, you are working out a lot of muscles, so you may experience some discomfort when you are done. After a workout, why not use our Runner’s Bath Soak or the Lilliuma Runner’s Bath Salt to help you relax?

A sea salt or Epsom salt bath soak containing essential oils is just what you need after a rigorous workout on the treadmill. Not only will it feel good to have a refreshing bath, but the aroma of the essential oils in your bath salt will also prove to be invigorating.

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