Sore Muscles From Running? Here Are Tips For Relaxation And Recovery

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Sore Muscles From Running? Here Are Tips For Relaxation And RecoveryTraining hard and straining yourself to go faster are all part of this little thing called running. But to really make your training days count, you need to think about recovery days too. You have to give your muscles time to rebuild if you want to maximize the benefits of all your hard work,

In a nutshell, training is all about pushing your body to the limits and then patiently waiting for it to get stronger and better. If you are serious about running, you should be serious about your rest too - that’s how you become a better athlete.

So what should you do on your easy days? Should you just order pizza and binge watch the newest season of your favorite series? Here are some ideas:

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Staying hydrated is an essential part of staying healthy, especially for athletes. It is important to replace fluid and electrolytes after a long run. As soon as you finish running, make sure to drink water or fresh fruit juice to replace the fluids you’ve lost.

During your off days, it is also important to manage your water intake to help your body reach its full potential. Make hydration an important part of your lifestyle. Consider carrying around a water bottle to remind you that you always need to drink. Also, make sure to drink a glass of water in every meal.


Professional athletes understand the value of sleep. Some of them sleep as much as 10-12 hours a day. Whether you are just a beginner in running or you are training for your tenth marathon, you should never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. Plan your sleep like how you plan your training. If you are having difficulties with sleeping, you might want to check out our suggestions.

Eat Well

Sore Muscles From Running? Here Are Tips For Relaxation And RecoveryYou need to make sure that your machine is fueled properly if you want to keep it running well. Just like sleep, you need to plan your meals to help you maximize your training. If you’ve had a hard workout, you have about half-an-hour of refueling window. Make the most out of that period with glycogen replacement.

Keep in mind that what works for other people might not work for you. It’s good to understand your body to know what exactly you need. Can you manage to eat a heavy meal right after training? Or do you prefer to start with whey protein first When it comes to your nutrition, you need to know your needs.

Stop Thinking About Running

For serious runners, we understand that this is extremely difficult to do. However, it would probably benefit you to just take a day off and keep your mind off things like training time, pacing, and personal records.

Give yourself a day or two to watch a good movie or to enjoy the company of friends. If you have a longer recovery period, go ahead and take quick trip to the beach. More than just rest for your body, this is a rest for your mind as well. This will help you come back with a more refreshed and relaxed mind.

Enjoy An Epsom Salt Bath For Sore Muscles

If you are a new runner who just started increasing your distance, you will be surprised with how sore your legs can be. What’s the best way to cope with the discomfort?

Three words: Epsom salt baths.

There are many benefits of taking an Epsom salt bath. It is known to help reduce tension and even detoxifies the body. It helps you stay calm and relaxed.

As a runner, taking an Epsom salt bath can help you unwind physically and mentally. Spending half an hour on the tub can help you wash away stress and soothe discomfort from training hard.

Our Athlete Bath Soak contains eucalyptus, peppermint, and pine essential oils for aromatherapy purposes. Feel free to view our other products here.

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