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Symptoms Of A Sinus Infection

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Millions of people suffer a sinus infection every year. Though rarely contagious, it can be really uncomfortable. It will affect your productivity at work and make usual household chores quite difficult to complete.

A sinus infection often happens when your nasal cavities get infected or inflamed. Smoking, viral infections, pollution and allergies are some of the factors that may cause a sinus infection. It can feel like there is a lot of pressure on your cheeks and forehead.

An acute sinus infection can last for two to three weeks while a chronic one can last for months. Smoking and washing your hands frequently can be really helpful in preventing a sinus infection, but it can’t be avoided completely.

Symptoms Of A Sinus Infection

You might mistake a very bad case of cold as sinus infection because many symptoms are the same. However, a sinus infection may sometimes be caused by bacteria, which means treatment might require antibiotics.

Symptoms Of A Sinus InfectionWhat are the symptoms of a sinus infection? Here are some of the things you might experience.

  1. You Get Sinus Headaches - Sinus headaches might feel like a bad case of migraine. This is actually sinus congestion. There is usually pain in front of your face and it tends to get worse when you bend over.
  2. Symptoms Of A Sinus InfectionYou Have A Stuffy Nose - More often than not, a runny stuffy nose from sinus infection often lasts for more than a week. You might also experience losing your sense of smell.
  3. Cough and congestion - A sinusitis infection may be caused by structural problems in your sinus and nose which cause cough and congestion.
  4. Allergies - Sinuses can cause you to feel sensitive to things around you. A sinus infection may come with allergy symptoms such as sneezing and itching.
  5. Fatigue - A sinus infection can make you feel tired all the time. It will be hard to focus on your tasks at work and you’ll probably want to spend your days in bed instead.

Looking For An All-Natural Solution To Your Sinus Infection? Try An Epsom Salt Bath!

There are many different natural solutions that can help you get rid of your sinus infection. You can try different remedies such as steam and using a saline nasal spray. It is also important to develop healthier habits in order to avoid complications.

We also suggest taking an Epsom salt bath! Epsom salt is a treatment that offer relief from a lot of different illnesses. Epsom salt can help detoxify the body, so eliminating the bad stuff is so much easier.

Better Bath Better Body’s special Sinus Relief bath soak can help stimulate your respiratory system so you can breathe a lot easier. This blend is enhanced with Peppermint and Cypress essential oils to help clear congestion and respiratory issues. The natural menthol effect also helps clear the airways.

Our blends contain Vitamin C Crystals which help clear the Chlorine and Ammonia in your bath water. This means less harmful substances in your water.

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