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Tips And Tricks: Five Ways To Save Money In The Bathroom

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Trying to save money? Frugal living is applicable in your bathroom too. Small changes in your bathing and grooming habits can help shave down your monthly expenses and possibly help you save thousands of dollars in a year.

You may not realize it, but some of the best money saving hacks are sitting right under your nose. No need to take extreme measures just to spend less.

Looking for practical tips that can help you save more dollars? Here are useful ideas that can help you save money on items that you regularly purchase for the bathroom.

  • Use Less And Buy Less
  • The most obvious tip is to buy less and to use less - less shampoo, less soap, less body gel, less toothpaste… pretty much less everything.  Be more mindful and pay attention to how much bathroom products you are using. Next time you take a bath, try using half as much of everything. It’s very likely that you’ll still feel clean even with fewer products.

    Also, keep in mind that buying in bulk won’t always guarantee savings, so you might want to re-think hoarding. While there are instances when a bigger bottle will cost you less, it’s always a good idea to do the math before making a purchase to make sure that you are indeed saving money.

  • Try The Cheaper Alternatives
  • You need to get out of your way to find the best deals on various products. This might mean buying from a cheaper grocery store or switching to a more affordable brand. You also need to learn how to compare prices properly in order to find the best deals.

    Have you tried checking out generic brands? Switching to generic brands is a great way to save money because you are not paying for a brand name. More often than not, you get almost the same results! There are generic brands for almost everything from shampoo to contact lens solution!

  • Make Your Own Bathroom Essentials
  • Feeling creative? There are actually a lot of products that you can do yourself! You can make your own soap, shampoo, lotion, aftershave, moisturizer, hairspray and more! One advantage of creating your own product is that you won’t have to worry about harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances touching your skin. In fact, a lot of the ingredients you’ll be using can be found in your own kitchen! Plus, homemade bath products make great gifts too.

  • Invest In Quality Items
  • Tips And Tricks: Five Ways To Save Money In The BathroomCheaper is not always better. For products like towels, robes, hair dryers and shavers, it is important to choose quality items that can last for a long time. Don’t be afraid to splurge a little when it comes to important purchases.

  • Try Using Epsom Salt
  • Tips And Tricks: Five Ways To Save Money In The BathroomEver heard of Epsom salt? It’s an all-natural wonder that’s known for numerous health and beauty benefits. It can help soothe achy muscles, improve sleep, promote better digestion, detoxify the body, and more. You can even use it to exfoliate our skin or pamper your feet.

    Having an all-around product with many uses and benefits can definitely save you money because you don’t have to buy something new for every need. You can just get creative and you’ll have the solution you need.

    Better Bath Better Body Epsom salts are enhanced with aromatherapy benefits that can help you with various problems. We have unique blends that can address your needs. For example, if you want something that can help improve skin, we have a Dry Skin Soak with lavender and Geranium essential oils. We also have a blend for detoxifying the body, a blend for relaxing the mind, a blend for back acne, and more!

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