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Useful Design Tips For A Small Bathroom

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we all have huge bathrooms that always look immaculate?

Unfortunately, most of us do not have the resources to indulge in a luxurious bathroom. But hey, this does not mean that a small and functional bathroom can’t look nice. Even if you are short on space, it is still possible to make your bathroom your own personal sanctuary.

Here are some ideas that can help you design and decorate your bathroom in a way that will maximize space.

  • Maximize Mirrors
  • Useful Design Tips For A Small BathroomMirrors will give the illusion that your bathroom is much bigger and more comfortable than it really is. You can install bigger mirrors above your vanity table or mount a full mirror on one side of your bathroom for “more” space. Because mirrors reflect light, you can get better lighting as well. This will make makeup application, shaving and other grooming rituals much easier.

  • Go For A Smaller Tub
  • Useful Design Tips For A Small BathroomYou really want a tub in your bathroom? It’s better to go for a smaller, Japanese-style tub to create more space. Typically, Japanese tubs are only around 41 inches wide but they are around 27 inches deep, so water comes up to your chin when you sit upright. You might have difficulties at first if you are really tall or if you’re used to the traditional tub, but over time, you’ll also learn to appreciate the deep-soaking experience in a Japanese tub.

  • Choose Dark Floors And Lighter walls
  • The design elements you choose will also affect how your bathroom looks. It is important to be strategic with color in order to maximize space. Dark walls tend to make small spaces feel cramped, so choose light shades for your wall instead. If you want a touch of dark hue in your bathroom, you can add it on the floor.

  • Always Clean Your Bathroom
  • One of the simplest ways to create more space in the bathroom is to get rid of stuff that you are no longer using. Spend time decluttering your vanity mirror and maybe your entire bathroom as well. Don’t forget to throw empty bottles and even cosmetic products that you are not really using anymore. You can also invest in containers and organizers  that will add a touch of style on your bathroom.

  • Invest In Good Bathroom Products
  • Even a small bathroom can feel luxurious if you invest in the right products that can make bathtime so much better. Go ahead and indulge in items that will make your bath time more relaxing.

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