Top 3 Reasons To Buy A Bathrobe

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top 3 reasons to buy a bathrobeWhen you are stepping out of the shower or bath all dripping wet, there are two ways you could dry off. You could grab a towel or you could wrap yourself up in a fuzzy and comfortable bathrobe. A good bathrobe is both very absorbent and easily able to wick away all the water on your skin so that it takes no time at all to dry.

But why should you choose a bathrobe over a towel?

1) Keeps You Warmer Than A Towel

As large as your towel might be, it still can’t cover everything. Often you will find yourself choosing which part of you needs the warmth or you end up using several towels in order to minimalize the cold feeling. Do yourself a favor and save yourself the trouble by throwing on a bathrobe instead!

Bathrobes cover a lot more ground meaning that less of you is exposed to the cold. That aside, you won’t have to carefully wrap anything either. The robe fits much like a long coat and only requires you to tie it up once.

save yourself the trouble bathrobe


2) House Guests Are No Problem

Sometimes you may like to relax a bit after your bath or shower. If you live alone or with an intimate partner only, this really isn’t much of a problem with just a towel or with a quick dash to the bedroom. However, not all of us can fully enjoy that with only a towel. Whether you live with several other friends, family, or roommates or you have unexpected guests at the door, wearing a towel will simply not do.

However, thanks to the modesty of a bathrobe, you can easily greet guests, family members, friends, and roommates without making things awkward. You may even want to keep an extra one handy for house guests.

3) They Are Multipurpose

Bath robes are great for more than just after the bath. They can be used to keep you cozy on a chilly winter day. Bathrobes are great for an at-home spa day with all of your friends. You can take it with you to the pool for after a long day of swimming. You can even go out to get the mail without trouble.

Bathrobes allow you the comfort of pajamas with the moisture wicking ability of a towel. In fact, with the help of a bathrobe, you can save on the amount of towels you use and need to wash. So what are you waiting for? Add more to your bathing experience with a nice fluffy bathrobe for a perfect end to your bath time!


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