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Are Energy Drinks Good For You?

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Feeling a bit lazy but need to find a way to push yourself? It’s not unusual for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to grab an energy drink before heading to the gym. Some people who work at night and those who work long hours use energy drinks to stay awake, too.

It’s obvious that most people consume energy drinks because they want to increase their alertness and productivity. They’re convenient, affordable, and refreshing. It is also good for helping athletes recover faster.Indeed a bottle or two might not be bad for you, but drinking an energy drink everyday could lead to serious consequences that could jeopardize your health.  

You might want to put down your bottle after reading the negative effects of drinking energy drinks:

  • It has a lot of caffeine and sugar
  • Are Energy Drinks Good For You?Ever wonder how energy drinks boost your energy? Most energy drinks contain an unbelievable amount of sugar and caffeine. This means that drinking it regularly puts you at risk for diabetes and blood pressure. Those who already have an elevated blood pressure are placing themselves at the risk of stroke and other heart problems. The combination of ingredients is what makes energy drinks een more harmful than coffee, tea or soda.  

  • Anxiety
  • Large doses of caffeine can cause anxiety and panic attacks. In extreme cases, it may even lead to depression. At the beginning, it may feel like a bottle of energy drink can give you energy and productivity, but once you’ve had too much, you will start to feel the side effects. Some people even feel panic attacks without consuming the entire bottle.

  • Insomnia
  • If you have too much sugar and caffeine, sleeping would be a problem too. Avoid drinking your energy drink late at night. It will also help to watch your sugar and caffeine intake on days when you’re having a bottle of energy drink.

  • Addiction
  • Just like soda, energy drinks can be addicting. It becomes dangerous when you turn it into a daily habit and you can’t workout without it. You might find yourself unable to function properly without your energy drinks. Like any kind of addiction, addiction to energy drinks can be dangerous for you physically and mentally.  

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