Detox And De-Stress: Help Kids Relax With Epsom Salt

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Detox And De-stress: Help Kids Relax With Epsom Salt So, you’ve just had dinner after a long and tiring day but your kids aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. They’re still running around and bursting with energy. Getting them to sleep anytime soon is simply out of the question. You’ve tried everything from giving them a warm glass of milk to reading their favorite bedtime stories, but nothing seems to work. What’s the best way to manage their energy levels?

Epsom salt might help solve your problems. It’s an all-natural, affordable solution that will help calm your kids. Having a regular Epsom salt bath is a great ritual that can help your kids unwind. It is also an awesome way to bond with your kids at the end of the day.

Think Only Adults Will Benefit From An At Home Mineral Bath? Think Again.

For both kids and adults, a relaxing nighttime bath is an important part of a good bedtime routine. Adding Epsom salt to your bath can make it even more beneficial. Believe it or not, Epsom salt products such as our Bedtime Bath Soak can help ensure that you and your kids get restful and uninterrupted sleep at night.

Here are some of the benefits of adding Epsom salt to your kids' bath water:

Helps Improve Sleep And Relaxation

Epsom salt helps your kids stay relaxed. This will make it so much easier for you to get them to bed at night.

Helps With Detoxification

You may not realize it, but we’re exposed to toxins such as pesticides, heavy metals, and air pollution on a daily basis. Epsom salt can help detoxify the body. Just by soaking in the tub, you can help boost your health and improve your overall well-being.

Helps Promote Concentration

Epsom salt can effectively help manage excessive energy and improve focus. In the long run, it can also help your kid in learning new things.

Tips For Giving Your Kids An Epsom Bath

Epsom salt is safe, natural, and easy to find. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind when giving your kids an Epsom salt bath:

  • If your child is smaller and younger, you should use less Epsom salt. For children under six years old, try to keep the proportions at about half a cup or less for a standard bath. Remind your kids not to drink the bath water.
  • For your kids to enjoy the benefits, the bath should last anywhere from fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • Keep your kids hydrated after the bath. A detoxifying Epsom salt bath can leave them thirsty.
  • Enjoy the experience with your kids, and give them a goodnight kiss when you tuck them in bed. You might as well give yourself a good soak in the bath as well once your kids are asleep.
  • For health concerns, don’t forget to ask for the opinion of your doctors.

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