Here's How A Turmeric Bath Can Help You Meditate

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Turmeric has a light and grounded aroma – just like how you want to feel after a great session of mindful meditation. Notes of warm clove and bright orange intertwine when turmeric is used in aromatherapy, and the best way to get the benefits of that aromatherapy is through a turmeric bath. 

Turmeric is an ancient spice and one that has been used in cooking and aromatherapy for more than 4500 years. Seeing a resurgence in popularity in recent years, the uses for turmeric are numerous. One way turmeric is commonly used is with turmeric baths, as the scent is known to bring about feelings of balance, comfort, and invigoration. Those who are interested in meditation find that the scent of turmeric aromatherapy from a bath helps them to clear their mind and reach a point of center within themselves. 

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Turmeric And Relaxation 

Turmeric has a scent all its own, but the main notes in the aroma are most often described as orange and clove. The scent of orange, as a citrus scent, is naturally invigorating and helpful in promoting mindful focus. When surrounded by the scent of orange, you may find it easier to remain focused and committed to whatever it is that you may be doing. 

The scent of clove is a classic comfort scent. Warm, inviting, and grounded, feelings of deep relaxation and homey comfort follow when clove scents are used in aromatherapy. Clove’s aroma is naturally spicy, which can soothe the body and the mind at the same time. 

If turmeric’s aroma is like that of orange and clove, why not simply use orange and clove in your meditation bath? That’s not all turmeric is about. Turmeric additionally has a distinct earthy note that is exclusive to turmeric alone. When combined with the natural notes of orange and clove, this earthy note keeps turmeric grounded and gives it its classic well-rounded appeal. 


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How Does A Turmeric Bath Aid In Meditation? 

When in a state of mindful meditation, the goal is to set one’s self free. Free from thoughts, free from stresses, and free to exist in any present moment. While taking a turmeric bath, a person will find that the lighter citrus notes focus the mind on the here and now, the warm clove notes relax the body, and the key earthy note of turmeric keeps one’s center planted firmly on the ground. The result is aromatherapy that aids in putting you in the exact mindset ideal for high quality meditation sessions. 

Drawing A Turmeric Bath For Meditation 

If you plan to draw a turmeric bath for meditation the first thing to pay attention to is the temperature of your water. When meditating you don’t want to have your mind distracted by discomforts, so you’ll want to find that perfect warm temperature that allows your mind to drift itself to a free and honest place. Thinking about the water being too hot or too cool is a sure way to throw your meditation off-track. 

Next you’ll want to add your turmeric bath soak or salt. This should be done in water that is giving off some steam so you can maximize the aromatherapy benefits. About ½ to 1 cup of soak should be used for a standard sized bathtub. Once the salt or soak has dissolved into the water, it’s time to climb in and enjoy the atmosphere created by the turmeric aromatherapy. 

As you soak, first focus on the scents surrounding you. The invigoration, relaxation, and grounding effects of the turmeric scent can help you to naturally bring your mind to a meditative state. Allow your body to feel light and supported in the water while your mind releases its stresses to match it in perfect harmony. 

Turmeric bath sessions can be as short as 5 to 10 minutes or as long as 20 to 30 minutes as you see fit. When you are ready to leave the bathtub, go slowly and take a few moments to bring your mind and body back to the present moment. Getting up too quickly may lead to lightheadedness after such deep relaxation. 

better bath better body epsom salts

Turmeric Bath Salts And Soaks 

The easiest way to enjoy a meditative turmeric bath is with turmeric bath salts and soaks. Turmeric Bath Soak is available in a 2lb bag, 8lb bag, or 4lb jar to return to your meditative bath over and over again. Inside of the soak is USP grade premium epsom salt, turmeric essential oil, ylang-ylang essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, orange essential oil, and grapefruit essential oil. This blend ensures maximum benefit from the citrusy, warm, and soothing aromatherapy scents. 

You don’t have to soak the entire body to experience the meditative benefits of turmeric baths. If you have a small basin, AncienSea Turmeric Foot Soak is an excellent way to sit and enjoy a meditation session during any time of day. Turmeric Foot Soak should be used in 1 to 2 tablespoon measurements per every 1 gallon of water in your foot soak. Making up the Turmeric Foot Soak is epsom salt, Mediterranean Sea salt, Dead Sea salt, and turmeric, peppermint, and eucalyptus essential oils. 

Turmeric Shower Tablets are a perfect fit for those who may not have a bathtub or those who wish to revisit their grounded and clarified mental space before they start their day. By simply placing 1 or 2 tablets on the shower floor as you step in, you can enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of Turmeric and Lavender as steam carries these essential oils through the air. With Turmeric Shower Tablets one can be reminded of their mindful meditation quickly and whenever it’s needed.


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